Account Executive

Andrea Ezpeleta

Andrea is an Account Executive at Great Lakes Advisory.

Andrea began her career in Sales 20 years ago as an Account Executive for Porcelanosa-USA, where she grew the outside sales team from 1.5 million to 6 million by the time she left the company to move to California.

In California, she started her own business importing and exporting cars for big companies such as Enterprise and Budget Rent a car, and this is where she developed her passion for creating business processes and procedures.

Once she sold Steady Motors, she began her career in the cannabis industry, where she started her own company providing mobile processing services that ranged from harvesting to packaging. She grew her company from 400k-4.5 million in revenue by standardizing operating procedures for an industry that had none. She helped many cultivators and distributors develop post-harvest processes to streamline operations by minimizing errors and increasing productivity.

She sold her business to a robotics company that was looking to automate processing for cannabis. She remained VP of Sales for three years and grew the company 10x. Through her longstanding relationships, she worked with all the most prominent name brands in the industry, helping them with all their post-harvest needs.

Now Great Lakes Advisory is her home, and she’s helping the company grow using her expertise in cannabis and her love for customer service.

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