What is EOS®?


Utilized by over 150,000 companies across the globe, the Entrepreneurial Operating System consists of useful yet simplified strategies to achieve your vision. Broken down into Six Key Components, the EOS® allows CEOs and other executive-level staff to better understand a business, where it is, and where it’s headed.

The Benefits of the Entrepreneurial Operating System

Understanding your business is the key to growth. The EOS® not only allows entrepreneurs to evaluate current business performance, but it also illuminates a path forward. From process documentation to troubleshooting issues, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® addresses multiple aspects of your business at once.

Using practical tools and simple concepts, the EOS® helps entrepreneurs like you target weaknesses in production, processes, job role proficiency, and employee training.

Why Standard Operation Procedure Development Is Important to Your Business

At Great Lakes Advisory, we get EOS®. Let us help you document and promote the Followed-by-All processes that will transform your business.

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