Recruiting and Employee Onboarding

Employees play a critical role in your medical practice. The talent employed directly impacts the patient experience and productivity of an office. We understand the intricacies of working at a medical practice. Our unique perspective working with medical practices enables us to hire talent that fits not only the role but also the organization and culture.

As a firm, two fundamental principles guide the strategies we develop for clients: 1). Hire the right person for each position 2). Develop elegant systems and processes in which employees work within


We begin by performing a staffing needs analysis. The six components include:

  1. Goals: What responsibilities does this function need to accomplish?
  2.  Analyze: What factors might affect the staffing plan?
  3. Current state: Where are we now?
  4. The vision: What is the resulting appearance of the staffing infrastructure?
  5. Gap analysis: What differences exist between the current and end state?
  6. Develop a roadmap: What types of staff are needed? When and where?
After determining the appropriate staffing need, we recruit and rigorously screen candidates. Our robust screening includes resume matching, behavioral interviews, and managerial reference checks. We offer a hands-off approach and manage your entire recruiting process. Our best-in-class staffing and recruiting support help you find the people who will drive your practice’s growth and success.
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Congrats! You just made an excellent hire.

Now, what do you do?

We reduce the time to productivity by facilitating an onboarding program detailed in your standard operating procedures, so your new hire hits the ground running.

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Get Customized Growth Strategies for Your Practice

At Great Lakes Advisory, we recognize that every practice operates differently and has unique goals. What works for one practice might not work for your practice; you will need solutions tailored to where your practice is and where you want it to be.

We first provide you with a free consultation to learn your specific goals and better understand your practice. During this consultation, we identify your practice’s strengths, weaknesses, areas that require additional attention, and other relevant information.

From there, we work backwards from your goals to create a detailed, custom action plan that will help you reach those goals. So far, we have helped our clients grow their practices up to 10% using our unique strategies!

Before beginning the engagement, however, we provide you with a free discovery report that details all our findings as well as your custom action plan, so you can see exactly what we plan to implement before you pay anything.

Ready to get started?

Hiring top talent is a challenge for many organizations. By aligning hiring goals with the strategic vision, we solve your talent acquisition frustrations.

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