Amelia is our Dynamic Process & Training Lead at Great Lakes Advisory.

Starting in education with an English Education degree from Louisiana State University, Amelia evolved into a process virtuoso. Her five-year stint as a middle and high school teacher provides a unique edge in instructional learning and design.

Amelia, raised in a lively Louisiana Italian family, shares her vibrant world with her fiance Trenton, planning a Fall 2024 wedding. Passionate about running, she’s conquered one full marathon and three half-marathons, currently training for her second marathon with Boston Marathon aspirations.

Her culinary passions oscillate between Sicilian pasta comfort and the ever-creative world of sushi. A “Hamilton” enthusiast, Amelia finds joy in the musical’s resonating notes.

Away from the office, she seeks solace in the mountains, surprising others with a collection of over 100 Nutcrackers, a testament to her lifelong passion.

Amelia’s superpowers include unwavering optimism and natural extroversion, navigating challenges with finesse and a smile. Her most cherished accomplishment is fearlessly steering her career into uncharted waters, where growth has been extraordinary!