Gabriela is a P&T Associate at Great Lakes Advisory.

Gabriela’s experience in education began as a Teacher’s Assistant for Anatomy & Physiology and Physics at California Baptist University. As her passion for education and learning & development grew, she spent years teaching physics and engineering at the high school level.

From there, Gabriela broadened her education expertise to adult learning, combining her expertise in the technical engineering field with her passion for teaching others, and began creating training courses and examination systems for a software development company. This has taken her on learning and development trips around the world, and she has taught adult learners from numerous countries during in-person training sessions.

Gabriela has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, as well as a Master of Science degree in Bioengineering with an emphasis in Engineering Analysis using Computational Systems. Her passion lies in understanding how to break technical subjects down into understandable, engaging training that fits the current audience. She is emphatic that there is no subject matter that is “too difficult” for learners as long as it is being taught correctly.