Jake Locorotondo

Jessica Eidd is our Stellar Process & Training Associate at Great Lakes Advisory.

Jessica embarked on her professional journey in Educational Literacy, mastering the intricacies of both words and processes. From childhood dreams of teaching, she now empowers businesses to conquer systemization and scaling challenges.

Outside the realm of processes, Jessica is intricately woven into a vibrant family tapestry with her husband Chris, young apprentice Liam, and loyal pup Trex. Beyond her career, she indulges in crafting, immersive reads, and a culinary love for sushi. Her dream travel destination is a beach, where sun, sand, and surf serenade her soul.

Armed with analytical thinking and creative problem-solving, Jessica is the Sherlock Holmes of processes, sniffing out inefficiencies and crafting ingenious solutions. Her favorite life hack is a deep breath and letting go—a powerful mantra that keeps her calm. A lover of practical skills, she dreams of mastering tax preparation.

Amidst 37 conquered states, Jessica’s lifetime goal is to visit all 50, making her journey with Great Lakes Advisory an epic adventure!