Kelsey Sianos is our Marketing Buff at Great Lakes Advisory.

Armed with a Marketing and Communications degree from the University of Minnesota and 9 years of digital marketing expertise, Kelsey brings a strategic flair to Great Lakes Advisory’s creative endeavors.

Away from crafting compelling campaigns, Kelsey is a Maine explorer extraordinaire, navigating trails with the zeal of a cat chasing a laser. Her diverse fur-family includes Ines the poodle, fabulous felines, and a mysterious newcomer with an undisclosed identity – a true enigma in the making!

Kelsey’s culinary compass points to the ever-reliable pizza, the ultimate comfort food that’s always a slice above the rest. When it comes to movies, her heart belongs to “Pride and Prejudice” (the 2005 version, of course). It’s like a warm hug from Mr. Darcy himself, a movie she could watch every day without a hint of irony.

In Kelsey’s world, fear is a liar, and she encourages embracing the unexpected. Her proudest achievement? Crafting a charming life with her husband in picturesque Maine, a narrative as delightful as a well-executed marketing campaign!