Business Process
Management Consulting

Our business process management consulting solutions improve overall efficiency to lower operational costs, improve competitive advantage, and increase profitability

The Benefits of Implementing
Process Management



Consistent and reliable operating procedure produces superior results that improve the bottom line.

Increased Customer & 
Employee Satisfaction

Increased Customer &
Employee Satisfaction

Streamlined procedures lead to happier employees, enhancing customer service and satisfaction.


Customer Loyalty

Satisfied customers stay loyal, return, order more, and recommend businesses to others.



Efficient business process management optimizes processes, transforming hours wasted into productive time.

What Great Lakes Advisory Does

We offer business process improvement consulting services that are aimed at advancing your core processes and ultimately optimizing the efficiency of your business

Great Lakes Advisory offers business process consulting services that reinvent and optimize the way you work. Our experts develop standard operating procedures and world-class training modules for your employees to help you build a more scalable business. We systematically design and develop training manuals that provide consistent and high-quality training and onboarding experiences ensuring employee performance aligns with company goals.

We provide insight into business processes to highlight inefficiencies, streamline operations, and build a better understanding of operations. Through processing mapping, we improve and streamline the training process and boost performance of existing employees.


Our SOP consultants help outline the scope and purpose of business activities, ensuring compliance and the standardization of operations to save time and achieve business objectives faster and more cost effectively.

Our consultants record a detailed outline of operating procedures from beginning to end to capture how a process is executed, so employees and managers follow standardized workflows.

Onboarding Training

Great Lakes Advisory makes integrating new and productive employees easier than ever.

Project Management Training

Equip project managers with the tools to achieve objectives and go above and beyond.

Sales process Training

Great Lakes Advisory creates strategic plans for increasing conversions and retaining loyal customers.

Any other you need

Our Process


1. Analysis

Before we begin business consulting, we analyze the scope of your business, profit picture, unique operating environment, and goals. Understanding your services or products, current and potential revenue, as well as cost drivers helps us identify discrepancies between financial and operational performance.

2. Development

Our business process improvement consulting entails the close observation and quantification of day-to-day operations to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and habits that slow productivity. It’s important we collaborate with you to find the root cause of operational weaknesses and develop strategies and procedures for specific improvements.

3. Implementation

We work together with managers to implement and refine new processes for better workflow. Great Lake Advisory can also develop training programs to upskill more employees and develop their leadership skills to help grow your business.

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Who We Are

Great Lakes Advisory is a leading business process consulting firm that assists businesses scale and improve their bottom line. Based in Chicago, IL, we believe that it is the efficiency of operating processes that separates top-performing businesses from the mediocre competitors.

Our professional small business process consulting services deliver data-driven results that are measurable, actionable, and vastly improve efficiency and profitability.

When you work with one of our business process improvement (BPI) consultants, they will map out your organization’s processes, making it easy to train and transfer knowledge, as well as streamline procedures and lower operating costs. At Great Lakes Advisory, we ensure your company has the operational tools to reach its true earning potential now and in the future.


Why Choose Us for Your Business

Reduced Costs

Our dedicated experts will reduce the cost of training and hiring of new employees, help you serve more customers, and grow your business.


Our business process management specialists have a broad and deep knowledge base that’s fundamental to promoting innovation and improving operations.

Time Savings

Great Lakes Advisory consultants can implement best practices because we have the business acumen and experience to know what works, quickly resolving workflow inefficiencies.


We don’t let interpersonal dynamics get in the way of sound business practice. With greater objectivity, you’re guaranteed data-driven solutions that improve the bottom line.


We tailor every businesses’ solution to overcome specific challenges unique to their particular circumstances and industry.

Client Reviews

I highly recommend Great Lake Advisory to anyone looking to develop better tools to scale their SMB! We initially were seeking out a firm that had expertise in Trainual that could help us develop better training and onboarding tools for new reps. What we left our first engagement with was a new framework and tools for business planning I expect us to build upon for years to come.
I’d describe working with Chris and his team as frictionless and extremely productive for our team!
Adam DeGroot

Great Lakes Advisory really helped us document our processes across one department and created a training manual. Now, unlike in the past, instead of manually training new employees, they go to our training portal in Trainual and quickly learn all they need to know to do their job right.
This will save us a ton of time & costs on training, speed up time to ROI on these positions, and, because they found inefficiencies in some of our processes, help us perform better. Ultimately, because of this ROI, this made their service absolutely free to us.
Sasha Berson

Chris is very detailed and very professional. He helped us to see all aspects of our business, which has many moving parts, and that knowledge is helping us to make better decisions about how to improve the systems that run our business. Great Lake was timely and dedicated to getting us what we need.
Jeff & Valorie Burford

Couldn’t be happier with Great Lakes Advisory! Chris and his team created awesome training content, SOP’s, and process maps for our small business. Great team to work with. Highly recommend!
Joe Weidman

This was an amazing experience, Emily and her team were amazing to work with. First-class all the way, you can not go wrong in working with this organization and team.

Chuck Piazza

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