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Document your processes, gain visibility through data, and develop training to establish accountability and accelerate progress toward your vision.

Who We Are

Great Lakes Advisory has worked with a wide range of businesses throughout the US and Canada. We help companies like yours optimize processes and elevate employee performance through top-notch training. By working with us, your business will receive the right operational tools to increase your bottom line and improve your industry standing.

Why Processes Matter

Without processes in place

Low Productivity

Employees may skip essential steps that result in reworks. Inefficient processes stall operations and services.

Unclear Expectations

Employees need clear expectations to complete their work and maintain focus. Confusion leads to a reliance on management and limits your team’s output.

Fewer Repeat Customers

When customers become frustrated by inconsistencies in the quality of work and service, they find a better provider to deliver their needs. 

Without taking action

Company-Wide Disorganization

A business without structure and processes is CHAOS! You need a well-defined structure and repeatable set of actions to consistently serve your customers. 

Lower Morale and Performance

Employees who feel unsure, unsupported, or without direction underperform.

Decreased Revenue

When employees waste time problem-solving for basic tasks, you reduce the time they spend toward revenue-generating activities.

How We Help

Streamlined Operations

Establish consistency across your operations and align employees with your vision.

Increased Employee Engagement and Retention

Higher morale leads to actively engaged employees who are productive and feel supported.

Improved Customer Service and Increased Revenue

Happy customers lead to more repeat business and predictable revenue.

Great Lakes Advisory offers business process improvement consulting services that are aimed at advancing your core processes and ultimately optimizing the efficiency of your business

How Can Great Lakes Advisory Help My Company?

You’re close to your company and your people.

It may be challenging to get a holistic view of your business. As outsiders, we will see your business objectively and identify areas needing improvement.

You are an expert in your field, but do you know how to create training for every department?

We know how to develop and deliver top-notch training to get your staff up to speed with practical job-related skills. 

As a CEO, you have a lot of duties.

Extra work like company-wide assessments, training, and process development will only keep you from your actual role. We can alleviate that additional burden while increasing productivity. 

Your time is valuable.

Most CEOs do not have the time to develop processes, trainings, and multi-year strategies. Think of us as an extension of yourself. We will work to get the best results for you while you spend your time on what you need to do.

Ready to Lead Your Team Into the Future?

How Great Lakes Advisory Works for You


Process Documentation & Measurement

We will document your current processes and assess them for functionality.

Process Improvement

After we’ve assessed your processes, we will create practical action plans to boost productivity and performance.

Customized Trainings

We will create and deliver custom training playbooks to elevate your employees.

Ready-to-Use Trainings

We have a collection of proven ready-to-use trainings for your staff.

Improved Performance

We will find current areas of strength and boost performance wherever needed through strategies tailored to your business.

You can elevate your employees at a reduced cost when you choose Great Lakes Advisory.

Employees Receive


Tailored training relevant to their position or role.


Dedicated reference materials and guides that can be utilized on the job.


Clearly-Defined SOPs & Processes that Guide Actions & Decisions


Automated Training & Onboarding

Company-Wide Improvements


High-performance operations that are easily replicated.


Limited operational and user errors.


Increased productivity amongst elevated employees.


Employee commitment to effective processes.


Productively delegated responsibilities given to the right people.


Enhanced post-sale continuity for repeated success.

Client Reviews

I highly recommend Great Lake Advisory to anyone looking to develop better tools to scale their SMB! We initially were seeking out a firm that had expertise in Trainual that could help us develop better training and onboarding tools for new reps. What we left our first engagement with was a new framework and tools for business planning I expect us to build upon for years to come.
I’d describe working with Chris and his team as frictionless and extremely productive for our team!

Adam DeGroot

Great Lakes Advisory really helped us document our processes across one department and created a training manual. Now, unlike in the past, instead of manually training new employees, they go to our training portal in Trainual and quickly learn all they need to know to do their job right.
This will save us a ton of time & costs on training, speed up time to ROI on these positions, and, because they found inefficiencies in some of our processes, help us perform better. Ultimately, because of this ROI, this made their service absolutely free to us.

Sasha Berson

Chris is very detailed and very professional. He helped us to see all aspects of our business, which has many moving parts, and that knowledge is helping us to make better decisions about how to improve the systems that run our business. Great Lake was timely and dedicated to getting us what we need.

Jeff & Valorie Burford

Couldn’t be happier with Great Lakes Advisory! Chris and his team created awesome training content, SOP’s, and process maps for our small business. Great team to work with. Highly recommend!

Joe Weidman

This was an amazing experience, Emily and her team were amazing to work with. First-class all the way, you can not go wrong in working with this organization and team.

Chuck Piazza

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