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Followed-By-All Processes & Training Package

Have you ever been told that your business should run like a “well-oiled machine”? Such advice is outdated and impersonal. Your business relies on your people. Employees, unlike gears, require training and set expectations. Our Followed-By-All Processes & Training Package is perfect for elevating employee knowledge and strengthing their commitment to your vision.

This affordable package includes a unique action plan that reflects your business’ strengths and weaknesses. We will document, redesign, and improve processes with easy-to-follow process maps. These maps will unite employees under common goals and give them a clear, manageable path to success.

Well-trained employees are empowered; empowered employees perform better. We offer customized and Ready-To-Use training modules covering leadership, management, project management, sales, marketing, customer service, small business & entrepreneurship, and business analysis and strategy. Your employees will gain valuable job-relevant skills and a better understanding of new and documented processes.

Our Followed-By-All Processes & Training Package provides a real-time KPI dashboard where you can monitor the change in your business as it happens. You’ll be able to track important metrics and predict future success. With this package, you will see boosted performance and an increase in effective processes, all for an affordable rate for entrepreneurs like you.

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Migrate Your Processes & Training Package

Think about your employees – are they all on the same page? Employees who understand their roles and expectations feel more confident performing their duties. Our Migrate Your Processes & Training Package will get everyone on board with a Learning Management System (LMS). We will take all the information you already have and organize it into one easy-to-access centralized location.

Your company’s unique LMS will include all of your documented processes, policies, procedures, videos, images, and more. New hires and current employees can access this database and our ready-to-use training modules that ensure awareness of company-wide goals. Employees will understand their role and the importance of it within your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Entry-Level Packages?
We offer two different packages to our clients. If you have all your content built out and you are happy with it, we can offer our Migration Package. This moves your content into one easy to access location and is optimized for engagement. We also offer our Followed-by-All Process & Training Package for businesses that want guidance from a Process & Training Expert to help them get started with documenting their processes, standard operating procedures, and training.
What Services Do You Offer?
We improve processes, clearly define your standard operating procedures (SOPs), create process maps for your core processes, and build out a world-class training experience on a Learning Management System (LMS). See more in our Solution Options & Pricing pages.
What’s The Cost To Document Our Processes, Standard Operating Procedures, And Training For Our Employees?

We offer an easy subscription-based plan at $5,500/month.

If We Already Have Some Documented Standard Operating Procedures And Training Resources, Will You Incorporate These Documents Into Our Project?
Yes, we will always collect any documented processed, SOPs, training, and resources you have already created, and we’ll discuss and document any incomplete areas.
When You Document Our Processes, Will Your Provide Recommendations To Address Inefficiencies In Our Operations?
Yes. While mapping your company’s core processes, we will identify any opportunities to become efficient. Where inefficiencies exist, we will evaluate solutions, provide recommendations, and develop & document the optimized process.
Will Great Lakes Advisory Make An On-Site Visit To Our Company’s Location?
Yes. Many of our clients serve customers out in the field or away from a computer. Whenever responsibilities are difficult to explain by written text and screenshots alone, we always recommend making an onsite visit to capture videos of your employees performing their daily duties. We’ll then edit the videos and upload your content to your Learning Management System.
Will You Include Videos In The Training Content?
Of course! Videos are great for explaining workflows that are difficult to explain by written text alone. We’ll include videos from our recorded Zoom meetings, YouTube, online sources, and any videos you may have on file.
Do You Price On A Flat Fee Or Hourly Rate?
We have a flat fee for both of our solutions.
Can We Focus On Documenting Training & Processes For One Department, Or Do We Need To Document The Entire Business?
We always recommend starting to document your processes and developing training where you will create the most impact on your business. We can focus on the entire company, one department, or some number of departments in between. Maybe you have substantial hiring plans within on department, or perhaps you need help standardizing the processes in another department. What makes the most sense for you will be the best place to start.
Do The Hours Roll Over From Month To Month?
For our Followed-by-All Process & Training Package we require up to 8 hours a month from your employees. This is the best way to ensure we get all of the information we need to build out your custom training. These hours must be used in one month. They do not roll over.
What Is The Turnaround Time For Most Projects?
Using our Followed-by-All Process & Training Package, once we have met with the process owner we will have that information built out within 2 weeks.
What learning management system does great lakes advisory use?
We create all our training on Trainual. Once we have all your training completed we will move everything to your account with Trainual. We can also build training on other platforms if you have an LMS already.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Our Process & Training Advisors would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Reach out today for more information.