At Great Lakes Advisory, we provide the following:

Easy-to-understand process documentation and training

Real-time data based on your processes

Implementation guidance and coaching that promotes accountability for long-term success

Followed-by-all practices and training playbooks based on your effective processes

We run on EOS and understand what it takes to remain strong in all six key components, especially the Process and Data Components. Past customers have appreciated our commitment to “frictionless” process documentation, while others have touted our ability to transform “critical workflows” into “simple, easy-to-use” formats. But don’t take our word for it.


Easy-To-Understand Process Documentation

Relevant and Effective Employee Training

Real-Time and Measurable Data Reporting

Employee Accountability Through Coaching

Guided Implementation of Effective Processes

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Improve Employee Training with Great Lakes Advisory!

At Great Lakes Advisory, we offer a deep understanding of your processes and how each one fits into larger organizational structures. Our effective Followed-by-All Processes and Training package is excellent for businesses that want to use repeatable practices and get all employees on the same page.

With this package, we’ll help you update and enhance the way you conduct onboarding and training. You’ll receive custom process and training playbooks based on your company’s KPI dashboard, employee feedback, and our complementary quarterly reviews. We’ll even migrate new content to your process and training playbook. This valuable package will help you automate, streamline, and simplify operations.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Great Lakes Advisory believes a business is only as strong as its people and processes. Our commitment to your organization will be unsurpassed, but don’t take our word for it. Hear what our clients love about working with Great Lakes Advisory.

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