About Us

Great Lakes Advisory is an operation and financial consulting firm located in Chicago, IL. The firm was founded on the principle that great businesses are a testament to their people and processes.

The company needs to operate without the owner. We are not implying that the business owner’s role is trivial. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The business owner is critical and responsible for leading teams towards their vision for the company. To do that, you need to effectively delegate jobs and responsibilities to people that will operate based on your policies. By clearly defining your organization’s processes, it makes it easy to train and transfer this knowledge to the responsible employees. Once you define your processes, the focus shifts to finding high-quality talent to work within your systems. As the demand for your products or services increase, you can quickly onboard and train new hires to fulfill new business. A business that runs on processes empowers its employees as they work within the system’s guidelines.

Our goal is to help you train new hires faster, service more customers, and scale your business.

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