Data-Driven Decision-Making with Jon Morris

Jon Morris, Founder and CEO of EngineBI.

In this episode of the Agency Accelerator Podcast, we are joined by the brilliant Jon Morris, Founder & CEO of EngineBI (formerly Ramsey Innovations), a fintech software designed for professional service companies.

Jon Morris on the Agency Accelerator Podcast

Jon shares valuable insights into growing revenue, profits, and cash on hand for digital marketing agencies. Here’s a summary of the main points discussed in the podcast:

Key Metrics for Success

Jon Morris highlights three crucial metrics that are essential for agency success. These metrics serve as guiding principles for growing a digital marketing agency. The first metric is year-over-year revenue growth. For sustained success, agencies should aim for consistent growth in their revenue over time.

The second metric is profit as a percentage of revenue, with a target of 20% EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization). This metric reflects the agency’s ability to generate profits while managing expenses effectively.

The third key metric is cash reserves relative to monthly overhead. Maintaining a healthy cash reserve ensures that an agency can cover its operating expenses and seize growth opportunities when they arise.


Ownership of Metrics

While the CEO bears ultimate responsibility for these key metrics, Jon Morris suggests that specific members of the agency’s leadership team should take ownership of various aspects. The head of sales and marketing is primarily responsible for acquiring new clients, often referred to as “new logos.” They focus on expanding the agency’s client base.

On the other hand, the head of client service is responsible for client retention and upselling. Their role involves ensuring that existing clients continue to receive value from the agency’s services and identifying opportunities to expand the scope of work.

The head of operations and finance plays a critical role in providing the necessary infrastructure, tools, and resources for the agency to operate efficiently. They ensure that the agency’s financial operations are well-managed and support its growth goals.


Financial Planning and Analysis

Financial planning and analysis are essential components of agency growth. Understanding gross margin—a metric that reveals the profitability of services—is pivotal. Agencies should analyze their gross margins to identify areas where profitability can be enhanced. This includes focusing on high-margin services and optimizing operations.


Client Onboarding and Retention

Delivering a remarkable client experience, especially during the initial 100 days of engagement, is crucial for client onboarding and retention. A positive onboarding experience sets the tone for the client-agency relationship and increases the likelihood of client retention.

Jon Morris emphasizes the importance of combining a great experience with tangible results. Clients are more likely to stay and continue their engagement when they see both excellent service and measurable outcomes.


Niche Specialization

Specializing in a niche market is a strategic approach that Jon recommends, particularly when starting an agency. Focusing on a specific niche allows agencies to become experts in that industry, understand its unique challenges, and tailor their services to address specific client needs.

While starting with one niche is advisable, agencies can gradually expand into other niches over time. However, having a distinct point of view and methodology that differentiates the agency from competitors within the chosen niche is crucial.


World-Class Approach

Jon suggests that agencies should strive for excellence in all aspects of their operations. Being world-class at everything they do sets a high standard for quality and performance. This commitment to excellence can distinguish an agency in a competitive market and attract clients seeking top-quality services.



Jon offers several ways for agency owners to access the resources and financial education provided by EngineBI. These include joining a mastermind group, participating in free networking events, and following Jon on LinkedIn. EngineBI provides valuable insights and tools to help agencies improve their financial management and overall performance.

“We provide a Mastermind group. So in that Mastermind group, you get access to our technology, you get access to the knowledge of the framework, and you get access to a community that’s going to help you achieve all these goals.”

By applying these insights and metrics, digital marketing agencies can establish a strong foundation for growth and long-term success in the industry!


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