Driving Digital Success with Insights from Tyler Dolph

Tyler Dolph, CEO of Rocket Clicks

This week on the Agency Accelerator podcast we are joined by Tyler Dolph, the CEO of Rocket Clicks. Tyler shares his expertise on building a client-centric digital marketing agency!

In the episode, Tyler emphasized the importance of retention as a key metric for success, with a focus on developing lasting relationships with clients.

Tyler Dolph CEO of Rocket Clicks

Here is a breakdown of some key insights discussed in this episode:

The Power of Relationships.

Rocket Clicks, a hyper-focused digital marketing agency, places a strong emphasis on building real relationships with clients.

They believe that retention is the ultimate measure of success because it leads to compounding recurring revenue and improved performance for both the agency and the client’s business.

Effective client service involves doing what you say you’ll do, communicating at a high level, and creating lasting relationships.

Cultivating a Client Service Culture.

Rocket Clicks stays hyper-focused and delivers the best outcomes for clients by establishing a culture centered around client service.

They use the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) framework, which aligns with their values and promotes a client-centric mindset throughout the organization. 

Hiring and promoting based on these values ensures that the team is dedicated to providing exceptional client service. Regular meetings and updates, such as all-client meetings and sharing wins and lessons learned, help foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Finding the Ideal Client.

Rocket Clicks has identified their ideal client by analyzing their top revenue-generating clients and their top favorite clients. They looked for commonalities such as industry, customer type, lead generation process, and key contacts. 

This exercise helped them understand which businesses they enjoy working with, where they excel at growing their online presence, and how to tailor their services to serve their ideal clients best.

Tyler also discusses the idea of getting to know his clients and getting down to the details of their business to better understand their problems and how to solve them. He advises against short-term, high-level client relationships.

“Let’s have lots of long-term relationships and not that many short-term relationships.”


Balancing Sales Targets and Client Satisfaction.

Tyler acknowledges the challenge of balancing sales targets and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Rocket Clicks focuses on their target market and spends time discussing who they are the best fit for during annual and quarterly planning sessions.

While only some clients will be a perfect fit, they strive to work with clients in the 8 to 10 range on their ideal client scale. 

By focusing on long-lasting relationships and delivering value, Rocket Clicks avoids the negative impact of trying to force fit with clients who are not the right match.

Qualification Process and Onboarding.

Rocket Clicks has developed a thorough qualification process that spans three to four months before formalizing a long-term commitment.

This process includes an initial phone screen to determine fit, an analysis of the client’s website or ad platform to present opportunities, and a 60-day plan to demonstrate expertise and value.

This approach ensures that both the agency and the client have a strong understanding of each other’s expectations before committing to a long-term partnership.

Metrics for Success.

The two key metrics Rocket Clicks focuses on are client retention and gross margin. Retention reflects the agency’s ability to maintain long-term relationships, while gross margin measures efficiency and profitability.

Rocket Clicks aims for gross margins above 50% to ensure sustainable profitability.

By balancing client retention and profitability, the agency can avoid burning out their team and maintain trust with their clients.

The Future of Digital Agencies and AI.

Tyler believes that AI will have a significant impact on the digital agency landscape. As AI becomes more prevalent, agencies will shift their focus to strategy and personalized approaches.

Targeting capabilities across various platforms will become more advanced, requiring agencies to have a deep understanding of each platform and leverage AI to provide tailored strategies to clients. The combination of human expertise and AI-driven insights will differentiate agencies in the evolving digital marketing space.

In conclusion…

Building a client-centric digital agency involves developing strong relationships, nurturing a client service culture, identifying ideal clients, and balancing sales targets with client satisfaction.

Rocket Clicks exemplifies these principles by prioritizing retention, utilizing the EOS framework, qualifying clients thoroughly, and focusing on key metrics for success. 

As the industry evolves with the increasing impact of AI, agencies that can provide personalized strategies and leverage AI effectively will stand out from the competition!


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