Expert GA4 Tips and Strategies with Kyle Akerman

Kyle Akerman, GA4 and Digital Marketing Measurement Expert.

This week we are joined by Kyle Akerman, the founder of Akerman Analytics, to unravel the mysteries of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and learn how to extract meaningful insights from your data for turbocharged marketing campaigns!

Kyle Akerman podcast episode

Here are some highlights of this episode that’s jam-packed with actionable insights:

GA4: A New Era of Analytics

The digital landscape has evolved, and so has Google Analytics. GA4, the latest iteration of Google Analytics, has officially taken center stage.

Kyle notes that the transition to GA4 may have seemed anticlimactic, much like the Y2K scare that never materialized. Yet, GA4 ushers in significant changes that marketers must embrace.

The user interface, data model, and collection methods have all been revamped. It’s an event-based model now, where everything—sessions, page views, and more—is an event.

Getting Acquainted with Event-Based Model

In Universal Analytics, sessions and page views were the focus. GA4 flips the script; every interaction is treated as an event. The event-based model enhances tracking accuracy, capturing granular details like never before.

Whether a user spends 10 seconds on your site, views multiple pages, or triggers a custom conversion event, each action is an event. Kyle emphasizes that understanding this shift is key to harnessing GA4’s potential!

Unlocking Insights and Improving Engagement

Kyle highlights the fact that GA4 introduced game-changing features that empower marketers to dig deeper and enhance user engagement. The introduction of “engaged sessions” trumps the outdated bounce rate metric.

An engaged session is triggered when a user spends over 10 seconds on your site, views more than one page, or triggers a conversion event. He mentions that this new metric paints a clearer picture of user interaction and engagement.

Explore Section: Your Insight Goldmine

Kyle mentions that if you dive into the Explore section of GA4, you’ll discover a treasure trove of custom reporting! You can craft tailor-made reports that exceed the limits of standard GA4 reports.

Key highlights that Kyle notes include:
  • Freeform Reports: Design tables to your specifications, omitting unnecessary metrics and dimensions.
  • Funnel Reports: Create customized funnels based on page interactions or actions, offering unparalleled flexibility.
  • Path Reports: Delve into user journeys, both forward and reverse, enabling you to understand how users navigate your site.


Driving Engagement: Real-world Strategies

Kyle says that boosting engagement is all about fostering interactions that matter!

Here are some actionable strategies to enhance user engagement:
  • Utilize Embedded Videos: Capture attention and prolong engagement with compelling video content.
  • Downloadable Content: Offer valuable resources like PDFs to keep users invested in your site.
  • Scrolling Engagement: Measure user interest by tracking scrolling activity, ideal for comprehensive content pieces.
  • Internal Linking: Guide users seamlessly through related content, increasing site exploration and interaction.


Here are some more major insights that we explore in this episode:

Mastering CTAs: The Path to Conversion

The podcast episode kicked off with a discussion on CTAs – those enticing prompts that urge visitors to take action on a website.

Kyle emphasized avoiding passive or uninspiring CTAs like “submit” or “learn more.” Instead, he suggested focusing on persuasive language that triggers action.

For example, he recommended starting with a simple phrase like “I want to,” followed by the desired action.

To enhance CTAs further, urgency tactics and persuasive words can be added to encourage user engagement.

CTAs and Visibility: Placing for Impact

Kyle highlighted the importance of CTA visibility within a webpage layout.

Often, businesses make the mistake of placing CTAs at the bottom of the page, burying them under layers of content. To optimize user engagement, Kyle advised strategically placing CTAs at multiple points within a page.

Additionally, the CTA button should stand out visually, utilizing color contrast and clear design cues to ensure visitors recognize it as a clickable element.

Goal Setting and Funnel Optimization

Delving deeper, the conversation shifted to goal setting and funnel optimization. Kyle stressed the significance of accurately measuring conversion goals. Identifying the steps within a conversion funnel and tracking user engagement on those pages is crucial.

By identifying the key drop-off points, businesses can hypothesize and test improvements to enhance the conversion rate. Additionally, segmenting traffic sources helps tailor strategies for different user intents and behaviors.

Limited Resources? Prioritize and Plan

For small marketing teams with limited resources, Kyle recommended adopting the 80/20 principle.

By focusing on the top traffic sources and most popular content pieces, marketers can make informed decisions.

Prioritize resources towards improving high-impact areas. Kyle also emphasized dedicating time to reviewing data regularly.

“You need to test everything. We measure data so that we don’t make assumptions.”

A mere 1% of a week’s time (24 minutes) can be allocated for data analysis, providing essential insights without overwhelming the team.

Mapping Out the Funnel: Planning with Purpose

Planning content with a clear funnel in mind was another crucial point. Kyle suggested conducting a content audit to categorize and prioritize existing content pieces.

Aligning content with the services or products offered by a business enhances user experience and engagement.

Moreover, content promotion is vital; spending as much time promoting content as creating it ensures a wider reach and impact.

Actionable Insights from Data: Start with a Plan

Summing up, Kyle emphasized the importance of planning. Define the key questions you want your data to answer, and make sure your data collection setup aligns with those goals.

Prioritize the most impactful reports that directly address your questions. By following this approach, marketers can extract meaningful insights from their data, empowering them to make informed decisions that drive marketing success.


In Conclusion…

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, leveraging data is the key to staying ahead.

Kyle Akerman’s insights shared in this episode shed light on actionable strategies for mastering CTAs, optimizing funnels, and effectively utilizing data.

By implementing these key takeaways, small marketing teams can enhance their data-driven decision-making processes and propel their marketing efforts to new heights!

For a deeper dive into these topics and more, be sure to tune in to the full podcast episode.

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