Navigating the Legal Marketing Landscape with Austin Irabor

Austin Irabor, Founder and CEO of NETFLY.

This week’s episode of the Agency Accelerator podcast is nothing short of extraordinary! We were joined by Austin Irabor, the visionary Founder and CEO of NETFLY, a groundbreaking legal marketing agency headquartered in Southern California.

Austin Irabor on the Agency Accelerator Podcast

Austin is the brain behind the Law Firm Acceleration™ System, a testament to his deep understanding of marketing dynamics, human psychology, and the unique challenges faced by law firms.

Join us on this journey as Austin shares his playbook for growing law firms and discusses his holistic approach to designing an unparalleled customer experience.


Before we dive into the podcast episode’s highlights, let’s take a moment to appreciate NETFLY’s remarkable achievements. NETFLY has soared to impressive heights, securing its spot as #321 on the prestigious INC5000 list.

This recognition underscores NETFLY’s rapid growth, innovation, and impact, solidifying its status as a major player in the legal marketing industry. To learn more, visit

Episode Highlights

Austin’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Austin takes us on a fascinating journey through his entrepreneurial path, starting with his early ventures in real estate and digital marketing. 

His unique experiences, including working as a digital marketing director for a gubernatorial campaign, laid the foundation for his deep understanding of marketing dynamics.

NETFLY’s Unique Approach

NETFLY’s success lies in its innovative and holistic approach. Austin shares the frustrations that led him to take control of the entire client experience.

From running Google ads to building landing pages and automations, NETFLY ensures a seamless process for law firms, allowing them to focus on growth while the agency handles the intricacies.

The Power of Google Search

Austin emphasizes the effectiveness of Google Search in the legal space. NETFLY’s model is likened to a conveyor belt strategy, providing clients with a consistent and personalized experience.

The focus on qualitative metrics, such as building rapport with potential clients, sets NETFLY apart in a competitive industry.

Transforming Conversations with AI

NETFLY’s commitment to innovation goes beyond conventional strategies. Austin unveils their plans to incorporate AI into analyzing conversations at scale.

This groundbreaking approach will enable law firms to enhance their communication strategies, ensuring that every interaction contributes to accelerated growth.

Insights for Legal Firms

In a valuable segment for legal professionals, Austin shares insights into common mistakes law firms make and offers strategies to position themselves for success in the coming decade.

From creating client-centric policies to implementing effective follow-up procedures, Austin’s advice is a goldmine for those looking to elevate their practice.

“…are we building rapport with people that we interface with for the first time, second time, third time, do people get a good feeling about us? That’s a qualitative thing, but that’s something that you need to judge.”

The Future of NETFLY

As the podcast unfolds, Austin discusses NETFLY’s commitment to disrupting and saving the legal industry.

By introducing a new philosophy centered around designing experiences, NETFLY aims to be the thought leader that leads the industry into a new era of client-centricity.

Takeaways for Agency Owners

For fellow digital marketing agency owners and entrepreneurs, Austin’s advice to “think big” resonates deeply. NETFLY’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Austin encourages agency owners to not just work in their space but to work on their space, becoming the voice of reason and a thought leader.

In Conclusion…

This episode of the Agency Accelerator podcast is a masterclass in law firm marketing, entrepreneurship, and innovation. We extend our gratitude to Austin Irabor for sharing his expertise and insights. 


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