The Art of Strategic Storytelling with Bill Harper

Bill Harper, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at BrandBossHQ/WMH.

In this week’s episode of the Agency Accelerator podcast, we are joined by Bill Harper, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at BrandBossHQ/WMH!

During this episode, we delve into the crucial aspects of brand development and storytelling.

Bill Harper on the Agency Accelerator Podcast

Also, our conversation uncovers valuable insights for digital marketing agency owners and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their understanding of building a brand.

Here are just a few of the many insightful discussion points from the episode:


Discovering Brand Purpose

Bill emphasizes the importance of understanding a brand’s true purpose. This involves delving into why the brand exists, what its founders believe in, and the passion that drives the business. By uncovering the core values and motivations behind the brand, it becomes possible to craft a narrative that resonates with both the internal team and the target audience.

Building Business Impact

Bill shares his journey of being involved in five different agencies, each with a common theme of helping brands transition from million-dollar performance to billion-dollar aspirations. The focus is on aiding businesses in finding their unique point of view and creating a reputation around a single construct. This involves strategic storytelling, differentiation, and understanding consumer behavior.

Common Mistakes in Brand Messaging

One significant mistake businesses often make is overly focusing on describing the product rather than addressing consumer pain points and emotional engagement. Harper emphasizes the need to move beyond product descriptions and highlight how the product solves a particular problem or fulfills a need for the consumer.

Brand Identity vs. Founder’s Vision

The role of a founder’s vision in brand development depends on the level of involvement and whether it aligns with the current goals of the company. While some brands are strongly tied to the founder’s ideology, others may evolve beyond the initial vision. It’s essential to assess the impact of the founder’s vision on the product and overall brand identity.

Crafting an Authentic Brand Story

Bill underscores the importance of authenticity and consistency in brand storytelling. Using the example of Liquid Death, a brand that turned the mundane concept of canned water into a unique, irreverent, and engaging narrative, he illustrates how storytelling can elevate a brand’s identity even in a seemingly ordinary category.

“There was a story there, there was something interesting, you know, they owned ‘purity’ and liquid death owns ‘toxicity’ in a sense for, for the fun of it. Right. It’s anti-the-man and it’s fun and it’s playful and it’s irreverent and it’s interesting. And everybody in between loses out.”

Brand Loyalty and Customer Experience

The discussion explores the relationship between brand loyalty and customer experience. Bill suggests that a combination of a great product and a compelling story is crucial. While a superior product may attract customers initially, a captivating narrative helps in building long-term brand loyalty by connecting with the audience on an emotional level.

Adapting Over Time

Brands must remain relevant by consistently selling the same story. Harper uses Apple as an example, showcasing how the company’s strategic narratives, from the 1984 commercial to the “Think Different” campaign, all revolved around celebrating the individual and maintaining a consistent brand identity over time.

Controversial Brand Approaches

The conversation touches on Anheuser Busch’s attempt to rebrand and appeal to a different demographic. Harper criticizes this approach as a thoughtless land grab, emphasizing the importance of staying true to the brand’s base and values rather than chasing short-term trends.



The podcast episode provides countless valuable insights into the intricacies of brand development, emphasizing the need for a clear purpose, strategic storytelling, and consistency in messaging.

Digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs can glean practical tips from Bill Harper’s experiences and perspectives on building successful brands!

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