The Power of Organic Social with Chase Pickett

Chase Pickett, Co-Founder of Precision Social.

In the latest episode of the Agency Accelerator podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Chase Pickett, the Co-Founder of Precision Social, a digital marketing agency specializing in crafting compelling narratives for brands.

Chase Pickett Podcast Episode


Chase shared his expertise in leveraging organic reach in social media to build authentic connections and drive engagement.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the insightful conversation:

The Art of Achieving Organic Reach and Impressions

Chase opened the conversation by delving into the challenge of increasing organic reach and impressions in the face of ever-evolving algorithms. He emphasized that consistency is the key to expanding your reach organically. 

Posting regularly is crucial, but equally important is adhering to a comprehensive checklist for each post. Chase highlighted several components of this checklist, such as using trending audio, responding thoughtfully to comments, and utilizing new features like Instagram’s lesser-known “notes” feature.

The Evolving Landscape of Social Media

Social media platforms are constantly evolving, with new features and trends emerging regularly. Chase mentions the rapid rise of short-form video content, exemplified by the success of TikTok and the subsequent adoption of similar features by other platforms.

Importance of Storytelling

Chase emphasizes the significance of storytelling in content creation. He explains that creating content that evokes emotions, sparks thoughts, or elicits an emotional response from viewers is essential. Storytelling helps connect with the audience and adds depth to the content.

Platform and Culture

Chase introduces the concept of “platform and culture.” When creating content, it’s important to consider the platform you’re using and the cultural nuances of how people interact on that platform. Different platforms have unique features and user behaviors that should influence content creation.

“…integrate your story into their (your audience’s) stream of content. It’s almost as if we’re trying to make an advertisement that doesn’t look or feel or smell or sound like an ad.

We just want it to seamlessly be right into the feed and to us, that’s what culture means. It’s if you can nail the culture piece, then you’ve completely slipped beneath the conscious level of advertising.”

Mastering the Algorithm and the Power of Consistency

Chase highlighted that marketers are either fighting against or working with the algorithm!

He stressed that consistency, not just in terms of posting frequency but also in following the checklist, is paramount.

Consistency helps in creating a pattern that the algorithm recognizes, which leads to increased visibility and engagement. Chase encouraged listeners to embrace a practitioner mindset and stay up-to-date with platform-specific best practices.

Navigating Instagram Stories and Feeds

The conversation then shifted to Instagram stories and feeds! Chase clarified that Instagram stories are more suited for middle or bottom-of-the-funnel content, as they cater to an audience that is already familiar with your brand.

Instagram reels, on the other hand, serve as an introduction to your brand, providing a glimpse into what you offer. Chase used the analogy of a restaurant to illustrate this concept, emphasizing that stories allow for deeper, more personal connections with your audience.

Unveiling the Research Phase for Effective Strategy

Chase shared valuable insights into the research phase that precedes an effective organic social media strategy.

He highlighted the importance of understanding the target audience through comprehensive intake forms and client interactions.

Analyzing social media comments and feedback is another critical step, enabling businesses to uncover common themes, sentiment, and opportunities for deeper engagement.

He emphasized that the research phase is an ongoing process that continuously informs content strategy.

Tailoring Content for Platform

Depending on the platform, certain content formats may be more effective.

For example, Chase mentions that short-form video content, like Instagram Reels, has high organic reach and can effectively convey messages. Understanding platform dynamics helps maximize engagement!

Text Overlays and Visual Communication

Chase also highlights the importance of text overlays in videos, especially on platforms where users might not read captions.

Placing text directly on the video can enhance engagement and convey the message more effectively!

Adapting to User Behavior

Another thing Chase discusses is the need to adapt to how users consume content.

He mentions that studying how users engage with content, such as through analyzing trends and user behaviors, can help tailor content delivery to match the platform’s culture.

Podcast Clipping and Repurposing

Podcasts that are clipped and repurposed into shorter segments can be effective in engaging a broader audience. This approach allows for the creation of bite-sized, digestible content that appeals to different viewer preferences.

Building a Strong Brand Through Social Media

Discussing the role of social media in a company’s marketing strategy, Chase emphasized the significance of building a brand narrative.

He viewed social media as a powerful tool for storytelling and brand communication, enabling businesses to connect authentically with their audience.

Chase highlighted how social media offers unparalleled opportunities for sharing stories, engaging with customers, and conveying the essence of a brand.

The Future and Growth of Precision Social

Wrapping up the conversation, Chase expressed his pride in how far Precision Social has come in refining its craft over the past four years.

He shared his aspirations for starting a podcast to further engage with his audience, delve into meaningful conversations, and broaden his perspective.

Chase reiterated the importance of shifting away from aggressive selling tactics on social media and instead focusing on providing value and building relationships.



Chase Pickett’s insights from the “Agency Accelerator Podcast” shed light on the nuanced art of achieving organic reach and engagement in the world of social media.

Emphasizing the power of consistency, authentic storytelling, and ongoing research, Chase provides valuable guidance for businesses seeking to connect with their audience in a genuine and impactful way.

As social media continues to evolve, Chase’s expertise serves as a beacon for navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

Make sure to follow Chase on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and visit Precision Social’s website!

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